Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Share-Sister Weekend and Scout Fink

Happy Sunday All!

Sunday Share post is a little delayed today.  We had a change up in plans and ended up going down to visit my sister, and stay with my Mom and Dad because my sister had an alterations appointment she couldn't change.  Turned out to be a great idea as there is NO SNOW where my parents live, and the weather was in the 70's all weekend.  We took some long walks in the park with the kids and dogs, Alex got to ride his scooter and Jack got to try out his new bike.  We love Hidden Valley Park near my parents' house-it's a great out of the way park.  There are woods and trails, a creek, a playground, ballfield, and a really neat pavilion with a stone fireplace. (Rumor has it it used to be a bar)
Here's some pictures from the park:
Nomad-my sister and Andy's dog

Jack getting ready to ride

Alex-taking off (going back for his helmet)

My Dad in his Indiana Jones Hat

Mitch and Jack

The creek--it's up and moving fast

Alex skipping rocks 

Dad, Emily , Alex and Nomad running along behind

The Pavilion and Fireplace

Alex-my favorite photo bomber

The boys and the dogs on the trail

My Dad took the boys and Mitch to Cabela's for the day on Saturday while my Mom, Emily and I went to her alterations appointment, had lunch, and did some shopping.  We had takeout for dinner from my favorite Chinese place--David Fongs, and pizza from Pizza and Pasta for the boys.  A GREAT day.
Me, my Mom, and Emily

Me and my Little Sis

Me and Emily

Alex and Jack at Cabelas
Today it was time for another great walk at the park, breakfast, and then time to head for home.  Although, we had one more fun stop along the way.  We are getting a new puppy, and we stopped and picked her out on our way.  Her name is Scout and here she is.  Hope you all had a great weekend, too.

Scout 4-28-13