Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Breath of Spring

Since here is the view from my outside window today on April 6th:
I was so happy to put the knowledge on stackable flower arrangements that I learned at my class last week at Saffron and Grey to use today.  I used a bowl from my great grandma on the very bottom, the middle is the cabbage bowl we use on St. Patrick's Day, and the top is just one of our kitchen bowls.  I loved the mix of textures while staying with the green and white.

I brought my bowls in to the shop this morning and they helped me pick out just the right amount of flowers and greens to fill the dishes and make a beautiful arrangement.  Here it is--I am pretty proud of it for my first attempt.  It was definitely something I could get in to!  I can see this newly acquired skill coming in handy at parties and events from now on.  I will definitely be taking more classes in the future.

Thanks for stopping back by!  See you tomorrow for my Sunday Share :)