Wednesday, April 10, 2013

52 Weeks-List 13 Share

Hey Everyone!

It's another 52 Weeks List share.  Last week, Week 13, I didn't share with you her list because the  blog author was traveling back to her home and didn't post in time for me to share it.  Her list for the week 13 post was "Things You'd Like to Make" I would imagine all of us reading crafting inspiration blogs could have a list of things a mile long, right?  Who's with me?  Her challenge was "What are you going to make this week?" Well, here are a list of things I made this week.

1.  A flower arrangement using the kit I got taking the class with my Grandma.  I posted about it on Saturday.  That is definitely something I can see doing more of in the future.  It was really fun, and it's relaxing to work with natural, not only does it look beautiful, it smells fantastic, too.

2.  I created all the cards for my posts this week, as well as a couple to send to my Secret Stampin' Sister.

3.  I made memories with my kids by hosting my oldest son's birthday party, and by all of us watching Wreck It Ralph as a family on Saturday night.

4.  I am hoping to make some cookies today :)

Here are a few things on my list from Pinterest that I want to try.  Are you guys on Pinterest?  If you are, leave me a comment, I'd love to check out what you are pinning.  Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to relax at night!
Crock Pot Soap

Bird Bath Fairy Garden

Vintage Tart Tin Inspirational Messages

Succulents in Vintage Pop Crate

Tune in next Wednesday for my take on 52 Lists Week 14 Share.  This list will be a fun one it's list your childhood and currant dream jobs! (I had some great ones as a kid!!)  If you want to check it out and try it, too, I have linked you here.  Hope you all have a fabulous day!