Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Share-Good Books I've Read Lately

Happy Sunday Blog Readers!

For today's Sunday Share, I am going to share a few good books I've read lately.  We all know creative and crafty things are a hobby of mine, but another one of my loves is reading.  I have been a bookworm since I learned how to read in Kindergarten.  It is something I have instilled in both of my children and am happy to see they love, too.

About this time last year I formed a book club.  A group of local ladies--friends of mine from all different parts of my life.  We have enjoyed all getting to know each other better and share our love of reading, too.  I LOVE talking about books once I've read them.  My husband also likes to read, but aside from the Anna Pigeon books by Nevada Barr (if you like a good mystery and a mix of the outdoors-you should check her out) he typically doesn't like to pick up the same books I do, so even though he'll listen to me talk about a book, it's a one-sided conversation since he hasn't read them.

Here are the top 5 I have read so far in 2013, hopefully you will find something here you want to try out, too.  What are your favorites?  Leave me a comment-I am ALWAYS looking for another good book to read.

February's Book Club Read-we all loved it.  A hilarious and thought provoking concept-brought good discussion
Local Author-Good family mystery and characters you think you know

Her newest book-hair raising spooky ghost story--excellent!

A great story about how life sometimes takes you in a different direction.  Page turner-makes you want to know more.  Also makes New Zealand have a spot on my places to see list.

Interesting take on family dynamics set in Salem

Thanks for stopping in today.  Check back tomorrow for another Clean and Simple challenge. Don't forget to share your favorite books with me!