Saturday, May 11, 2013

Estate Saleing and Junk Hunt

Happy Saturday All!

I spent my morning today at the Semi-Annual Duluth Junk Hunt and an Estate Sale at a home I've always admired from afar on Park Point.  If you ever find yourself in Duluth during the weekend of a Junk Hunt-you should definitely check it out.  Next one is coming up in September.  Here were my finds:

One of my friends that I went with got a really cool looking Matador statue.  I saw all kinds of cool jars and vintagey trinkets and glass that I'd have loved to scoop up, but my room isn't built yet and I don't really have the room to store a bunch of treasures without them getting wrecked, so I didn't want to go crazy.  There's always next time, right?

Then we headed here:

This is the last house on Park Point.  I have always loved the lodgy look of this place and thought what a fun "summer place" this would be.  I invented what it might look like inside, and thought about bonfires on the beach behind here.  (Its back yard is the beach with Lake Superior as a view) We went to the estate sale there (check out Leanne at Estate of Value) I was hoping for some of the vintage maps they had of Duluth, but I think I should have gotten there earlier.  The fireplace and wood was amazing in this house.  With a lot of TLC it could be restored back to its original beauty.  The rooms were smaller than I was expecting, but there was a lot of character to the house, and you wouldn't find a better view!

Thanks for stopping in today.  I hope you are enjoying the start to your weekend, too!