Friday, February 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger :)


Happy Friday Everyone!
  Imagine my delight when I received not one but TWO Stylish Blogger Awards and in the same week no less!!!  Thank you, so much, for choosing me!!  I have visited several ladies who have received these and thought, oh, how nice that their readers think that about her, and always thinking how much fun that would be to have someone send to you.  Well--watch out blog ladies and gentleman--these are coming your way.  Thank you again, Tonya and Sandy for choosing me (Click on their names and go check them out!)!  You made may day AND my week.  I'm so glad that those of you out there reading are enjoying the things I am creating.  It makes me want to create and share more.  My goal is to try and leave comments on the blogs that I'm reading, so thank you for this privilege :)

Part of the award is to do the following:
When you receive this award you are to:

1) thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog

2) share 8 things about myself

3) pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered

4) leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition:

So, with no further ado, 8 things about me:

1.) I'm the oldest.  I have one younger sister, Emily, who I love SO MUCH.  No one can make me laugh like my sister!  Growing up with 2 girls, I am now the mother of two boys--Alex and Jack, who I am totally blessed to call my sons.  You'll see them on the blog from time to time.  They are SO much fun and a delight every day.  (I'm also married to an oldest child, so as you can imagine, there are lots of strong opinions in our house :) You who are the oldest know what I mean)

2.) I am married to a man that I love dearly.   He's my best friend, and totally "the other half" of me.

3.) I love ice cream.  If I had to choose only one type of dessert for the rest of my life it would be ice cream.  Mint Chocolate Chip on a sugar cone is my favorite, but really almost any kind will do.

4.) I love to read.  If I'm not crafting to relax (in all my spare time HA!) I would choose to be reading.  I get most of my reading done on car trips going to visit our families in the Twin Cities and Chicago.  (My husband is driving of course)

5.) I have lived in Minnesota my whole life.  It's a great state, if you haven't been here, come visit!  In fact, I get to live in one of the Cities that people go to vacation, just a few blocks away from Lake Superior.

6.) A great vacation to me is a quiet place on the lake, up the North Shore.  

7.) I love to watch storms--I get this from my Dad.  If I can watch a storm brewing on a lake, even better.

8.) I am hoping that I can make my fun job (being a Stampin' Up Demonstrator) be my real job by the time my youngest son goes to school.  Wish me luck!!

Now, here are the 8 people I've chosen.  Please go check them out when you have time.  Thanks again for choosing me!  I hope you had fun learning a little about me.