Friday, January 21, 2011

Play Date

Happy Friday Friends!
  Today I have another layout in my All About Me scrapbook I'm putting together for the class I'm hosting at the end of this month.  
  For this layout I used a variety of the Play Date papers.  I love the colors in this paper.  I am going to use this layout to feature one of the things I love most in life---MY BOYS!  The bold primary colors and school-like patterns are perfect for telling you all about my two boys.  
  I have Alex, who's almost 9 and I have Jack, who's just about 2.  There is a bit of an age difference, but they are buddies!  I thought I'd end Friday with a few pictures of them, and what they are like.  Alex got a DS for Christmas, which he loves.  He has taken on rooting for the Bears (his Dad grew up in Chicago), and he loves science.  He has a fantastic sense of humor and a kind spirit.  He is a great big brother!
  Jack is my little ball of energy.  He is like having Curious George loose in your house at all times.  He is constantly in motion, loves all things Sesame Street (like the characters Santa brought for him to go in the 1974 Vintage Sesame Street house Mom and Dad got for him for Christmas), and playing with his brother.
  To round out the tour of the boys, I thought I'd share some pictures that really show their bond--I am blessed to have them in my life!! 
  Enjoy the pictures and your weekend everyone!  I'll be back Monday with some more great things to share along with BLOG CANDY at the end of the week.  Thanks for stopping in to visit!