Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Still Here!!

Hi Readers!

This is what has been going on at our house for the past week--WEEK!  Can you believe it? 7 calls to our Intranet provider (yes....SEVEN), one day off of work waiting for a repair technician for my darling husband, one complaint registered with said Internet provider (giving us credit for the week we've been without service AND 1/2 off our service for the year) A manual reconfiguration of all of our devices that are connected to the wireless (ever try to remember your password for something you do not access after your initial setup?) and we are FINALLY back up and running.

I hope there are some of you still out there reading and checking in with me.  I will be back with creations very soon!

Hope your week has been a better one than ours!  Thanks for stopping in.