Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Recipe Share

Happy Saturday!

BRRRR it's getting cold here in the Northwoods.  So tonight, we are feeding our family this delicious recipe.  The Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast.  

Do you read the Pioneer Woman's blog or watch her show on Food Network?  If you don't, you should.  She almost always makes me laugh out loud she is so funny!  Not to mention, every recipe I have ever made of hers is DELICIOUS and almost always makes my family ask for seconds or thirds even.  (Her sloppy Joe recipe is Alex's favorite)
On New Year's Day in my husband's family, it was always their tradition to have French Onion Soup at his grandparents' house.  We have taken that tradition in our own house, and I have found that Ree's French Onion Soup is top notch.  We like to use good crusty French bread for the croutons and then melt bubbly Gruyere cheese on top.  MMMMMM!  

Night out/in with your girlfriends planned soon?  Try this for an appetizer, brought it the last time my Mom, sister and I had a girls' weekend and it's a keeper.  Olive Cheese Bread is almost like pizza, but better.

There is something for everyone on her blog--check it out!  I was thinking some of these recipes in a cute digital book would be a nice gift for Christmas.  Like this 10x5 Easel Cookbook on My Digital Studio--all your favorites in a handy stand up flip book!!  Thanks for checking in today :)