Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Product Tuesday

Hey Readers!

Welcome back.  Today I am trying out "New Product Tuesday" this could switch up to "New Technique Tuesday"or "New Project Tuesday"or whatever is going on that's new and exciting.  There are SO many fun and new things coming from Stampin' Up these days.  It's such an exciting time to be a demonstrator.  (Although, to me, it's ALWAYS an exciting time to be a demonstrator)

Today's "New Product" is My Paper Pumpkin.  What is My Paper Pumpkin and why do I need it you may ask?  Good question.  I had to subscribe myself so I'd know what it was about.  Now, this box of crafty goodness that comes to your door once a  month and is geared towards beginning stampers, stampers who may LOVE the products but don't have a ton of room to have a bunch of product on hand.  They may be people who like the feeling of creating a beautiful project but are "not creative" enough to come up with the projects.

I was SO excited for my box to come in the mail.  I was checking each day with anticipation to see if it arrived in my mailbox once I got the email that said it shipped.  Finally there it was, and I was not disappointed.  I was looking through the lens of a beginning stamper, or a busy mom who only has a limited window of opportunity to devote to her interests, or someone who has a child that would like to craft with him or her, or my self titled "non-creative" friends.  This box would be perfect for all of them.  Now, my seasoned stamper's eye instantly saw how I could change the template, or what ELSE I could use these exclusive stamps for, however, it also saw how much fun it was to just create them according to template.  I made all 4 in about 15 minutes, and they are fun!  Here is my finished product.  The card on the left is true to template, and the card on the right changed it up just a bit using ONLY what was given in the kit.

Does Paper Pumpkin sound like something you'd like to try out?  Go to www.mypaperpumpkin.com today and sign up!  19.95 includes everything you need  to create Pinterest worthy projects in no time. (You would only need to invest in snail adhesive and a box of glue dots and you would be good to go)    AND it includes shipping!!  As long as you go and sign up before April 10th, you will get this months box of creativity shipped right to your door in April.  You can cancel at any time (but I don't know why you'd want to!!) and, if you want a break, you can even choose to place your membership on hold.  If you do go sign up, choose me as your demonstrator.  I will send you an email each month with other ways to use your stamps that come with your kit. Here's a few from Stampin'Up from the welcome kit-I love that little mason jar!  How fun would that be to leave on someone's desk?  I hope you enjoy!  Thanks for checking in!  See you tomorrow.