Wednesday, March 27, 2013

52 Lists

Hi Readers-

A happy Wednesday to you.  Thanks for dropping in.  Today, I am sharing with you a little project I'm working on called 52 Lists.  Essentially, a list each week for a year.  I have to admit, I love lists.  I have always liked a list whether it was for assignments due in school, a "to-do" for my work at the office, a grocery list, a weekend errand list.....I'm a bit of a list fanatic.  There is also something really fun about committing the list to the page.  I love to start fresh with a new notebook (lined, of course) and a new pen.

Anyways...enough about my love of lists, and my geekish love of new (and vintage) office supplies.  I first found this project over at Ali Edwards' blog.  For those of you who love scrapbooking, or paper crafting, I am sure you are familiar with Ali's blog.  Even if you are not a lover of scrapbooking or paper crafting, I encourage you to check her out.  I love her way of telling the story of every day life.  She has such an easy storytelling style.  And let's be honest, her layouts and digital design are awesome. (Thanks Ali)  I was reading one of her posts about the various projects she has going on and in it she mentioned a new blog she discovered that was posting a challenge called "52 Lists" as a way to better get to know yourself and leave behind a picture of who you are.  The blog she was referring to in her post was Mooreaseal.  So, I went over and checked it out and thought that this was a style of journaling I could get behind.  A list is far less intimidating to me than filling out a diary, or journaling on a scrapbook page.  A list is ongoing, it's something you can add to at any time, and there is no set length for a "good list".  I encourage you to check it out.  It's been fun so far. An added bonus is, her blog is really fun to read!  We'll be on week 12 this week.  Not too late to break out your new pen and notebook and join us!  This week's list is "Things That Feel Like Home". I challenge you to check it out.  I'll share a few of my list items next Wednesday as we look at what the next list is.

Thanks for checking in today!  I'll be back tomorrow with a sketch challenge.  Hope to see you then.