Saturday, September 18, 2010

Decor Elements

Hi Everyone--
  Today I am featuring another line of products that Stampin' Up offers.  It's the black Dark and Dreary Decor Elements currently for sale in our Holiday Mini.  They are so easy to use, and they have a stunning effect.  
  For today's project I found this vintage tray at a thrift store for $3.  I loved the mirrored scalloped background and the weathered finish.  I knew it would work perfect for this project.  When I got it home I washed the tray off so there was a clean and dry area to work on.  Then, I unrolled my sheet of Decor Elements and chose the ones I wanted to work with.  I cut them out leaving about an inch around each shape.  Then, you take the scraper Decor Elements tool, turn the sheet over, and rub the scraper along the back of each of the shapes.  You peel apart the two sheets so the image is on the contact paper type sheet (if it doesn't peel right away, put them back together and run the scraper along it some more until it catches) line up the image on whatever surface you are working with, smooth it out, and use the scraper tool over the top.  Now you are ready for the big reveal.  Peel the contact paper off and your image is there.  
  If you haven't ever tried this product line, I'd highly suggest giving it a try.  I have used them on picture frames, mirrors, and dishes.  All of them have turned out great.  In fact, I plan to be featuring some Christmas ones on my blog soon.  
 Thanks for stopping in!!  Hope you'll stop again soon.

Happy Stampin!