Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Share Recipe--What's in YOUR Freezer?

Happy Sunday Readers!

Today, I am going to share some recipes we've made lately on the weekend to have during the week.  We have a freezer in our garage, so it makes it real easy to make these things and then put them out there to store until we need them again during the week.  For our family it works best to make 4 different things and that is enough for a meal, lunch for Mitch and I, and possibly a night of left overs.  It usually takes me 1/2 of my day to get these things put together and packaged.

You will need this cast of characters:

Here are the favorites we've made so far:

Chicken Spaghetti--this is a good comfort food.  In Ree's recipe, she cut up a whole fryer chicken, we just used a couple cans of shredded chicken to cut down on the time it took.  It almost has a chicken pot pie taste to it.  It was a keeper.

Mexican Stuffed Shells- my kids love any type of Mexican food.  This was great with some fresh guacamole and a lettuce salad. Works perfect for lunch the next day, too.  

Crock Pot Beef Tips- I prefer this over mashed potatoes since I'm not a huge fan of egg noodles, but my husband and kids like the noodles.  (The boys were outraged there are mushrooms in here...but they are so delicious)

Lasagna-I love a good lasagna,  and I thought mine was pretty good.  I tried this one and I am converted forever.  I really like that the sauce lets the meat shine, and is basically just meat, seasoning and tomatoes.

Lastly, Chicken Andouille Casserole   This was DELICIOUS.  Although, don't tell Emeril, we substituted fake butter for butter and Greek yogurt for heavy cream.  Still delicious.  We are definitely adding these to the rotation.

So, we make these all up, put them in the disposible (recyclable) foil pans, cover with Saran wrap, then heavy duty foil.  Once wrapped up tight, we write the cooking instructions on top of the pan and in the freezer it goes.  Dinners and lunches taken care of for a week.  I hope this helps you and your families as much as it has mine!  Have a great rest of your Sunday!