Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hometown Tradtitions

Happy Weekend!!

Today, I don't have a crafty project for you---coming soon.  Today I wanted to share with you (and, I know, it's only Thanksgiving next week) a holiday tradition here in my hometown.

Last night, we went to the Christmas City of the North Parade which kicks of the holiday season here in the Northland.  Here's a little history on the parade:

Parade of Memories

The Christmas City of the North Parade dates back to the late 1950’s when the holiday shopping season ran particularly short one year. Original owner of KBJR 6 Bob Rich wanted to give his advertisers an extra retail boost by kicking off the holiday shopping season early. Since then, the parade has marched through downtown Duluth each Friday night before Thanksgiving. It has been nearly as reliable as Santa in the department stores to mark the start of the season.
The marching bands were sidelined just once in 1963 as the nation mourned the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The event has since survived pouring rain, snow and frigid cold. Even in years when instruments were too cold to produce music, the bands became choirs— using their voices to entertain the loyal parade crowd.
The “Christmas City” song is the signature sound of the parade. In 1962, Merv Griffin recorded the jingle at a local radio station as a favor to the station manager. Now you can download the familiar tune here. What a “nice-icle” way to keep you in the spirit throughout the festive season!

Here's the song:

Lastly, here's some pictures of my boys (my husband included) enjoying the parade last night.  My husband works for a local company that still has old fashioned family values (so thankful those still exist!!) and we got to watch the parade from their private heated skywalk.  A GREAT way to do it.  These will make it in to the Christmas book this year for sure :)
Mitch, Jack, and Alex waiting for the parade to come by

The parade route with people eagerly awaiting the start
Jack excited to see the start of the floats

The first float of the parade (love the white deer head)
Alex enjoying his view of the parade
The firetrucks were coming--two of our friends are local firefighters
-we were watching!
Bands and floats and dancers--even fire dancers.
 A great kick-off to our favorite season!

Hope your weekend is a good one!  Back tomorrow with some Sunday Share recipes for freezer food.