Saturday, January 25, 2014

Around Here

Happy Saturday!  Today I am trying a fun journaling prompt for my blog.  I will try and make a it a monthly feature.  Hope you enjoy!

Around here- brothers are spending some quality time together indoors because the weather has been so cold.  They are mostly pretty good to each other and that warms their Mama's heart.

Around here- my book club just finished reading this book:
We had dinner at a delicious local Italian restaurant where even though there were differences of opinions on whether we loved it or just liked it ok, we had fun getting together to discuss.  This year our selections are a mixture of books we want to read now as adults and books we enjoyed as young adults.  Up next month is this one: 

Around here- Scout has taken up a winter hobby of bird watching.  I imagine this fall she will love walking the trails with Mitch and my Dad as her friend Lady Bug flushes up grouse.

Around here- we have started to think about Valentine's Day projects.  Jack is excited about making his Valentines.  

Alex has not thought much about them yet, but is looking forward to quality controlling these treats that his brother and I plan to make:

Their Dad and I are creating a list for this project to surprise them each day leading up to Valentine's Day

Around here- the boys and I just finished reading this book in the Ramona series.  It is interesting how much (except for them being boys and not girls) my kids' personalities mirror Ramona and Beezus.  It's was surprising how relevant a book series written in the 60's still rings true to family life today.  Also interesting is how much both boys still enjoy hearing a story out loud. (even though oftentimes Alex can be found working on "something else" yet in ear shot of the story) I think Mitch and I are enjoying them as much as the kids.  Up next is Ramona and Her Mother.

Around here- we have gone from this to this.  We have learned some new strategies in keeping things organized.  We also have reconnected with a desire to streamline clutter and unnecessary things in other areas of our house.  Stay tuned!

Around here- life is good.  

Thanks for checking in with me!  Hope your weekend is off to a good start!