Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Fun Christmas Tradition

Oh the weather outside is frightful....  That about sums it up for those of us here in the Northwoods. It has been bone chilling cold for the last week and a half or so, right after we got almost 3 feet of snow. It looks like a winter wonderland outside, and inside, at least here, smells like cookies!

Gram's Molasses Sugar Cookies
And, not just any cookie.  Quite possibly my favorite Christmas cookie, certainly in my top 5, are my Gram's Molasses Sugar Cookies.  They are crispy with the flavor of molasses rolled in sugar.  Perfect with a cup of coffee.  I have been making these with my Gram for as long as I can remember, and I feel so fortunate that she is still able to make them not only with me but also with my boys.  Bup (my Grandpa) is also still here to teach them the merits of quality control.  ;)

Here's the set up:
The decorations-just missing the raisins

The dough all set for our creations
I love that these pictures of the decorations and the dough could be in every album for as far back as I can remember.  We have always had all the sprinkles, the red hots, the holly leaves, and the various colored sugars.  There is also a bowl of raisins, which were here today, they just didn't make it in my picture.  Gram brings out the dough--it smelled SO GOOD even before it was baked.
My cousin Elsie and my Gram

Gram helping Jack get his spot lined up
One thing about Gram--she is a perfectionist.  She does beautiful sewing, I have never met someone who irons as well as she does, she's an excellent cook, she is artistic...I don't think there is anything she can't do. She doesn't just do it, if she's done something, you can count on it being just so.

Having said that, she always lets the kids do their creations however they want to--whether they have a mess of sprinkles and ALL the decorations on the cookie, or just a simple sugar, raisin and red hot combination.  All are beautiful to her, and she praises you for your good work.  Here are some pictures of the finished products:
A&J with their finished cookies

Alex's cookie on the left, Elsie's on the right

Jack's cookie (Gram really liked his red scarf in the middle)

I love this tradition almost as much as I love eating the cookies!!  Thanks for stopping in today.  I hope you and your families and friends are enjoying the holiday season.  See you soon!